SPRY: Spry Kids Mouthwash Bubble Gum Alcohol Free 16 oz

Spry Kids Mouthwash Bubble Gum Alcohol Free - 16 oz

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  • Added calcium to support and strengthen tooth enamel
  • Alcohol-Free formula is safe to swallow
  • Balanced formula rinses out harmful bacteria without destroying the mouth’s microbiome
  • Natural non-GMO ingredients so you can feel great about what goes in your child’s mouth
  • Rich in xylitol to fight bacterial buildup
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Spry Kids Mouthwash Bubble Gum Alcohol Free by Spry

Your child’s oral health is very important. Making sure all parts of the mouth are clean will ensure healthier teeth and gums—and that means less money out of your wallet in the long run. Generally, mouthwashes aren’t safe for children, which means they don’t get the benefit of a good rinse. But Spry wants everyone to have the cleanest and healthiest mouth possible. That’s why we developed Spry Alcohol-Free Kid’s Mouthwash.

Spry Kid’s Alcohol-Free Mouthwash rinses the hard-to-reach places, ensuring your child’s mouth is fresh and clean without that uncomfortable burn. Formulated with children in mind, it is safe to swallow and tastes great. Added calcium supports teeth and special herbal blends improve overall oral health. Spry Kid’s Alcohol-Free Mouthwash also features xylitol, a natural ingredient that improves oral health. Clinical studies have shown that xylitol inhibits bacteria from sticking to teeth and gums. It also breaks up bacterial biofilm, the home of the bacteria. Kids will love the Bubble Gum flavor.

Spry Kid’s Alcohol-Free Mouthwash is paraben-free and uses natural plant-based coloring agents. Spry does not use any artificial sweeteners, fructose, or sucrose. It is sweetened only with natural xylitol, which has proven oral health benefits. Make sure your child’s mouth is as healthy as can be with Spry Kid’s Alcohol-Free Mouthwash.


Rinse full strength for 60 seconds in the morning and at bedtime with one half capful of mouthwash after brushing with Spry Toothpaste.

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