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Yuzu Lotion 1oz - 1 OZ

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YUZU - (Yoo'zoo'), or Japanese Citrus, grows throughout Japan. It looks much like a cross between grapefruit, an orange and a lime and can be either yellow or green.

Its flavor is similar to our grapefruit but has definite overtones of Mandarin orange. It is very fresh and tangy-tasting and is considered one of the most fragrant of Japanese fruits.

Because of its pleasing scent, oils are extracted from its peel and used both in cooking -- yuzu vinegar is commonly available -- and as a perfume in cosmetics.

Our Hand & Body Lotion and Shower Gel scented with yuzu oil are zesty yet delicate. This fragrance has become one of our most popular and a personal favorite of several of us at SHIKAI.

Your skin deserves the extra moisturizing power of this newly enriched soft-skin formula. High concentration of pure aloe vera and vitamin E soothes sensitive skin -- luxurious shea butter provides that soft and silky feel -- and clinically proven borage oil delivers moisture and relief to dry skin.

Rich botanical ingredients keep skin supple and young looking. Deep moisturization lasts all day.

Available in 8 sumptuous natural fragrances -- they smell so good (and you will too) ...

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