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Boswella Extract - 100 tabs

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The Side Effects of Boswellia Extract

Any natural remedy that appears to be effective in treating conditions that hitherto had been the domain of pharmaceuticals is invariable put under scrutiny for side effects and other reasons why the Pharma product is preferred. Occasionally, this reserve is warranted, and a few natural remedies do indeed cause some unwanted side effects. However, boswellia extract is not one of them.

Side effects of boswellia are rare, and while some may experience nausea, diarrhea and rashes, this is generally only if the extract is taken to excess. If you observe the dosage instructions provided, you should suffer no ill effects. As with most natural and synthetic remedies, you should check with your doctor first if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, and children should never be given natural remedies without the permission of a doctor.

However, boswellia extract is generally safe, and can be used by otherwise healthy people to treat inflammatory conditions and reduce the swelling and pain of arthritis and other forms of inflammation.

Boswellia Extract

375 mg
Source Naturals Boswellia Extract is standardized to contain at least 40% boswellic acids. Boswellia has been widely used in traditional Ayurvedic herbalism.
Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 tablet
Amount %DV
Boswellia serratta Resin Extract 375 mg
Yielding: 244 mg of Boswellic Acids

Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, magnesium stearate and colloidal silicon dioxide.

Warning: NOTE: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

Suggested Use: One tablet, three times daily with a meal.

Suitable for vegetarians and HYPOALLER-GENIC: contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives or artificial color, flavor, or fragrance.

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