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Magnesium Malate - 360 tabs

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Magnesium Malate

Tablets and Capsules
Magnesium is an essential mineral, playing a key role in over 300 enzymatic reactions in metabolism. The reactions include those involved in the Krebs cycle (one of the body's energy production systems), energy storage, the breakdown of fatty acids, protein synthesis, DNA metabolism, the relaxation of voluntary and involuntary muscle tissue, neurotransmitter activity, and hormone regulation. Magnesium is stored primarily in the bones and plays a role in the absorption of calcium by the bones.
Supplement Facts for tablets Serving Size: 3 tablets
  Amount %DV
  Magnesium (as magnesium malate) 424 mg 1.1  
  Malic acid (as magnesium malate) 2.5 g    

Other Ingredients: stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, acacia gum, colloidal silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate.

Warning: If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your health care professional before using this product.

Suggested Use: 1 to 3 tablets daily with meals.

Supplement Facts for capsules Serving Size: 6 capsules
  Amount %DV
  Magnesium (as magnesium malate) 424 mg    
  Malic acid (as magnesium malate and malic acid) 2.5 g    

Other Ingredients:


Suggested Use: 2 to 6 capsules daily with a meal.

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'Magnesium is vital to all living cells. Malate refers to the ionic and chemical compounds that make up Malic Acid. Malic Acids are the main components in such foods as lemons, grapes or unripe oranges. Unbalanced cells are in need of Malic acid. This vitamin product contains these two essential chemical compounds.
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