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# SN1937

Source Naturals Nopal Endurance contains Tex-OE™, a patented
standardized extract from the prickly pear or nopal cactus that
helps support endurance and stamina by priming the body for
athletic activity and physical exertion. Preliminary evidence
suggests that Tex-OE™ may support the accelerated formation of
Heat Shock Proteins (HSTs), stress recovery proteins synthesized
by the body to endure physiological extremes. This early
response helps to minimize cellular damage as a result of
extreme physical exertion. Source Naturals Nopal Endurance is a
critical step toward achieving maximum potential. 1 capsule
contains: Prickly Pear Fruit Standardized Extract 40 mg
(Tex-OE™ a patented extract of Opuntia ficus) Suggested Use:
1 capsule per 130 lbs of body weight, with water, at least 2
hours before stress activity, once every three days. Fiber
interferes with absorption. For best results, do not eat or
drink foods or beverages containing fiber 2 hours before and 2
hours after taking.

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