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MigraControl Relaxes Cerebral Blood Flow


• Clinically shown to support vascular smooth muscle relaxation in the brain.

• Uses a patented, standardized extract of butterbur called Petadolex®, which contains the biologically active compounds petasin and isopetasin.

• Petadolex® process also removes the toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids from the butterbur plant, ensuring that MigraControl uses one of the safest and most potent butterbur formulas ever developed.


Source Naturals Offers Relief with Petadolex®


Butterbur is a perennial shrub that has been a part of global herbalism for over five hundred years, and new research makes possible an even more concentrated form. Modern science has recently developed a butterbur extract called Petadolex®, the patented and standardized ingredient used in Source Naturals MigraControl to relax cerebral blood vessels in the brain. Not only does this clinically evaluated extract unlock the power of butterbur’s main tonifying components petasin and isopetasin, the process includes a step that removes the toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids to ensure the formula is pure.


1 softgel contains:


Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) (Petadolex® brand) Root Extract 50 mg

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