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Melatonin 3mg Veg Caps - 120 CAP

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Melatonin 3mg Veg Caps 120 cap


Our health is one of the things that we should be concerned about and if we are already then that is all well and good, if not though, then let us look at some things that may help us out with that. Over all health and sense of well being usually would come from a nice long deep slumber to give our body the chance to recuperate and function at optimum levels. How many of us know how it feels to work while sleepy and brainstorm while our brain is telling us to go to bed. It isn’t a fun experience isn’t it? So in an effort for more people to be better informed about certain substances that could help us with sleep induction we will be looking at how Melatonin can be of service to that effort.


This is a hormone that is naturally occurring in animal and plant. It is water and fat soluble and is produced in the body by the pineal gland. This is a gland which is about the size of the pea and is located deep within the centre of our brains. It is the kind of hormone that decreases in production as we age. One of its main functions in the body is to help with the regulation of our biological clock. It is the hormone that helps us to know when we are tired and when we need to sleep to reenergize. Do you know why we seem to be more inclined to sleep during the night time and not during the day? Melatonin is receptive to darkness and inhibited by light. So at night, melatonin levels are at a high but during the day it is lesser. Its production also could easily be disrupted by changes in a person’s schedule or routine. Take for example when you had a change in work schedule or if you moved to a different time zone, it does seem harder to have a nice slumberous rest.

Melatonin and Improved Sleep

Melatonin has been studied as a hormone that could aid in the improvement of sleep patterns in people that are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia as one of the examples. It has been known as the best all natural supplement in the market today that could aid in the induction of sleep. In many studies, it has been shown to be effective within only an hour of consumption and with about 90 percent of the subjects involved.

As a Cancer Fighter

Antioxidants in the body have long been proven to be beneficial to our health and have been known to aid in fighting off certain cancers if not all cancers. According to studies melatonin has high antioxidant properties as to why it has been linked to the possibilities of being able to prevent certain cancers like prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. As an antioxidant it is able to influence and enhance immune system health and helping our body fight off harmful diseases and toxins before it can make any damage.

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