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Glycine Powder - 226.8 OZ

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Glycine Powder 8 oz


Glycine has a number of health benefits. It is the smallest nonessential amino acid out of the 20 types and is commonly considered as an important building block of plants and animal proteins. It is sweet to the taste and is known to be a solid crystalline and this should not hard to believe as it is the primary amino acid found in sugar canes. In the human body, it mostly resides in the muscle tissues, skin and other connective tissues. This amino acid has many functions in the body aside from the health benefits it brings. It functions as an important neurotransmitter for our body and is an integral part of our nervous system and it also aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the breaking down of glucose into energy. These two things alone should tell you that glycine is indeed an important substance for our body to maintain optimum health.

Glycine as a neurotransmitter

One of the main functions of glycine is to act as an inhibitory neurotransmitter for our nervous system. Studies have shown that it could be found in abundance in the spinal cord and brain stem in which it serves as the path ways for nerve impulses to be transmitted in. This is the reason why glycine has been studied and proven to be good treatments for various mood disorders. Some examples would be bipolar disorder and hyperactivity and in more severe cases of nervous system problems which may cause seizures, glycine has also been shown to be helpful. It also has been shown to be an effective treatment for schizophrenia and epilepsy which is a neurological disorder.

Digestive System and Glycine

Glycine has long been touted to be useful for the digestive system and necessary to keep it at optimum health and it has potent antacid properties and can be used to sooth the stomach and help it calm. Another use that it has in the stomach is having the ability to bind with left over toxins from the foods that we have digested and help it along in its secretion from the body.

Glycine and Possible Cancer Effects

Some studies have shown that glycine may have antioxidant properties and that it can help with certain types of cancers. Specifically it has been shown to be very helpful against prostate cancer as it is also found in high concentrations in the organ itself. It even has been noted to have the ability to lower down the swelling of the prostate if it already is at that point.

Strength and Energy

As stated, one of the major functions of glycine is to aid in the processing of glucose into usable energy for the body. The logic is simple, the healthier your level of glycine is, the more efficient will the conversion of glucose be which in turn will allow for better energy levels. It also has been shown to be a precursor of ATP or adenosine triphosphate which is an important compound in the area of energy production.

Supplement Facts for Powder
Serving Size: 1/4 Teaspoon (approx. 1 g)
Amount %DV
Glycine 1 g

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