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ArcticPure® Omega-3 1125 Fish Oil 60 Softgels

Omega 3

These fatty acids are mostly known to be the kind of oil that is derived from fish however not exclusively as it also has other sources. Walnuts, flax and hemp are some of the examples. Omega 3 has been known to be essential to the body mainly because of 2 reasons. The first one is because it is not produced by the body itself and therefore needs to be taken from external sources. The second reason is that it is needed by the body for many bodily functions especially for growth and development. Studies about the importance of this oil to our body have been underway since the 1970’s and has continued on up to the present time. They are able to determine that these oils can be beneficial to our health in many ways. From heart function to helping in the maintenance of brain health, it has been touted as a substance that is a must in our daily diets. There are mainly 3 types of Omega 3 and they are linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, and docosohexaenoic acid. Much differently from vitamins it is not part of our RDA but rather is measured via AI or known as acceptable intake.

Heart Health and ArticPure Omega 3 Supplement

Although omega 3 can be consumed from different fresh fishes and canned fish products it is also available in supplement form. With arcticpure, you will be getting the kind of omega 3 that is derived from the fishes in the cleanest part of the ocean which is the arctic. The kind of process that these specific type of Omega 3 goes through will give it more potency and will allow for stronger effects in the body and when you are taking it to help with your heart’s health in mind then this is something that you need to consider. More potency for the benefits that it already brings does seem to be a better choice and studies have shown that it most definitely aids in the health of the heart by lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body and increasing good cholesterol while it’s at it. With this, it also follows that it will improve chances against bouts of coronary heart diseases.

Omega 3 and Inflammation

One of the further benefits of having good levels of Omega 3 in our body is its unique effect on inflamed cells and tissues. It helps our body’s cell lining to be well protected and therefore allowing it to be more resistant against conditions like arthritis and asthma. Various studies have confirmed that it is able to lower down the instances of arthritic inflammation flare ups and swelling from all over our body which further helps with asthma attacks and lupus conditions. These are the reason why supplementation with Omega 3 has been a popular course of action when seeking joint pain relief the natural way as it will have less side effects compared to most pharmaceutical anti inflammatory medications.

Maximum Strength EPA/DHA for Heart, Joint, Brain & Immunity

Potency: Omega-3 1125 contains 1,125 mg of active omega-3s per capsule, making it one of the most potent brands on the market today. Purity: Omega-3 1125 is extracted using an advanced supercritical CO2- based process to remove impurities; prevent oxidation and rancidity. The result is a product of unsurpassed quality. Performance: Omega-3 1125 provides the highest quality omega-3s for healthy inflammation response, heart, joint, immune and brain functions. *

Supplement Facts for 1,125 mg Softgels
Serving Size: 1 Softgel
Amount %DV
Calories 15
Calories from Fat 15
Total Fat 1.5 g 2%
Saturated Fat 0 g <1%
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 15 mg 5%
ArcticPure® Fish Oil Concentrate Yielding: 1.375 g
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 687 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 275 mg
Other omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids 163 mg

Other Ingredients: gelatin, purified water, glycerin, natural tocopherols, and lemon oil.

Warning: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant or are breastfeeding, have any blood coagulation disorder or are taking any prescription medication such as warfarin (Coumadin(R)), consult your health care professional before using this product. Discontinue use before any surgical procedure.
Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Contains fish and soy.

Suggested Use: 1 softgel twice daily with meals.

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