Source Naturals: Meriva Turmeric Complex 500mg 30 Capsules

Meriva Turmeric Complex 500mg - 30 Capsules

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Meriva® Turmeric Complex 500mg 30 caps

History of Turmeric

This spice is known to be native to India and has been in use in those regions for over twenty five hundred years already. Its main use as expected was as an ingredient to many dishes and recipes in the Indian culture. The original purpose of cultivating this spice though was for use as a dye. In terms of its exact origination, it really has not been pinpointed however most experts believe that it is from the South or Southeast Asian regions and more specifically, western India. The reason for this is that the turmeric itself belongs to the curcuma aromatic family which originates in India. Aside from its well known use as part of the food culture in these Southeast Asian regions it also has long been used for its medicinal value. Its main purpose in ancient times, dating as far back as 250 BC in Ayurvedic medicine is to provide gastrointestinal relief for any kind of ailment. In more recent times though, it also has been used to aid in inflammation relief in these indigenous cultures in Southeast Asia.

Modern use for Turmeric

Various studies have been done to further learn with concrete data the possible reach of this herbs’ medicinal benefit. It all started when turmeric got a lot of attention about possibly being a good choice as an antioxidant to aid the prevention of certain cancers such as prostate cancer. It has slowly emerged that turmeric indeed has potency as an antioxidant and has even shown capabilities in preventing cell damage that extends into possibly slowing down the aging process. It is able to help inhibit the oxidation of cells and DNA to aid in its increased vitality and even help in its repair if already damaged.

Mireva Turmeric

This unique extract of turmeric is the kind that allows for better absorption by the body. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin in which with this kind of special extract will heftily increase its bioavailability by at least 20 folds. This is a standardized extract which basically in all essence is the better version of regular turmeric. It will cost a little more but in the end it will cost less because more will be absorbed than the regular ones that cost cheaper. The Mireva brand will come out cheaper in terms of cent per gram absorbed as less will be wasted by the body. It is important to know that simply taking in a certain compound will not automatically make it useful to the body. It will go through a breaking down process before it could be used by the body through absorption and this is where all the wasting happens if you are not using the Mireva brand because less bioavailability means less absorption and less absorption meaning more money wasted. With the Mireva brand on the other hand, you are almost guaranteed more of what you are buying will be useful for your body and not simply wasted because of a technicality.



Meriva® Turmeric Complex

For Healthy Inflammation Response

• Meriva® enhances curcuminoid absorption 29 times

• Provides powerful antioxidant activity and liver detoxification • Inhibits metabolic inflammation

Recent studies indicate that Meriva® turmeric increases the absorption rate of curcuminoids 29 times - vastly enhancing its health benefits. When turmeric is combined with phosphatidylcholine, as it is in Meriva®, it can pass through cell membranes more easily and is therefore better absorbed by the body. Source Naturals offers Meriva® Turmeric Complex to assist with metabolic inflammation and support good health. Meriva® Turmeric Complex supports a healthy inflammation response by inhibiting the production of the inflammatory Cox-II enzyme. See the link below:

One tablet or Capsule contains:

Calcium......................................................................................... 71 mg

Meriva® Turmeric Complex.......................................................... 500 mg

(proprietary blend of turmeric rhizome extract and phosphatidylcholine)

Suggested Use: 1 capsule 1 to 2 times daily with food.

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