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Lose weight with green coffee extract

Green coffee extract has become a craze in the market, with the weight watchers opting for it, and getting great results. If you have been trying various weight loss programs with no results, perhaps you have not yet tried the right products. Some of you might have followed a diet plan and lost weight, but only to regain it after some time. This is the reason why green coffee extract is becoming so popular, as it offers long-term weight loss as one of its benefits.

Benefits of Green Coffee Extract

Coffee beans, when it gets roasted, are known as full bodied beans, and this is what you use for making regular coffee. If, however, the beans are not roasted, they are known as green coffee beans, and are immensely helpful for weight loss. Since you already have tried so many weight loss supplements, before trying this, you naturally would want to know what makes it better than others. The green coffee extract helps your body in maintaining optimum and healthy blood sugar levels.

It betters your body metabolism, and thus rather than your body staring fat, it gets converted into energy. These beans also help in reducing the size of some fat cells, and obviously this will help in weight loss. If you just have this extract, without following any diet or exercise, even then you can witness a 10% body fat reduction. This is not something you will get using other weight loss supplements. Due to the presence of chlorogenic acid, these beans are helpful in reducing blood pressure, and also help in maintaining proper blood sugar levels.

Improved Circulation

Blood circulation in your body improves, which is beneficial for overall energy and health. It does provide you with energy, but you will never feel jittery. It does not contain as much caffeine as is present in your regular coffee. Though there are so many benefits of using green coffee extract, you still would want to confirm if it is safe. These beans are regularly tested for its quality, and only after it is subject to various regulations, does it reach you. You can thus be assured about the safety of the green coffee extract. This extract has been clinically proven as a fat burning formula, even doctors recommend this, so you can well understand it is beneficial, as doctors will not suggest you anything.

Many users have already used it and are immensely happy with the results. There are no side effects, so you can have it without giving it a second thought. Not only does it help you lose weight, it has much more benefits. Green coffee extracts are rich in antioxidants, which removes free radicals and toxins from your body, and thus provides you with a better immune system. It also helps in decreasing blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and increasing energy levels. Since there are so many benefits of green coffee extracts, many supplements containing the same are being introduced in the market, and are working wonders for people. If you want to lose weight, quickly, effectively, and with long lasting results, green coffee extract is the best solution for you.

Energizing Green Coffee Extract

Powerful Natural Antioxidant
Source Naturals Green Coffee Extract is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals - a major cause of accelerated aging. Derived from raw, unroasted coffee beans, green coffee extract has been shown in research to support normal cellular regeneration and growth. Green coffee extract contains chlorogenic and caffeic acid, two primary compounds responsible for the activity of green coffee. *
Supplement Facts for 500 mg Tablet Serving Size: 2 tablets
Amount %DV
Calories 5
Total Carbohydrate 1 g <1
Calcium 100 mg 10
Green Coffee Bean Extract (10-14% caffeine)(40-50% chlorogenic acids) 1 g

Other Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate, sorbitol, stearic acid, modified cellulose gum, silica, and magnesium stearate.

Warning: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your health care professional before using this product. Each tablet contains 50-70 mg of naturally occurring caffeine, which is equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee. Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing. Keep out of the reach of children.Suitable for vegetarians.

Suggested Use: 1-2 tablets 1 to 2 times daily. Each tablet provides the amount of polyphenols and chlorogenic acids found in an average cup of coffee.

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