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With AZO TEST STRIPS®, you can now test for UTI* at home and
simply call your doctor with the results.
The most reliable home test available — the only home test
offering two tests in one including both Leukocyte and Nitrite
tests. (Doctors look for Leukocytes as well as Nitrites in
diagnosing UTI.) The same UTI test pads used by more
doctors than all others combined. Fast and easy to use —
simply wet the test pads in your urine stream for one to two
seconds. Both test results are ready to read in just two
minutes. Contains three test strips. Manufactured
by Bayer Corporation for Amerifit Nutrition, Inc. Two
Tests in one! More effective than nitrite-only tests • Same UTI
Test pads used by most doctors AZO TEST STRIPS® home UTI test
can detect if you have a urinary tract infection. This
information will allow you to take an active role with your
physician in the management of your health. USE AT THE FIRST
SIGN OF A UTI: Urinary pain, burning, urgency, or
frequency EASY TO USE: Simply wet the test pads by holding in
your urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Read both test results in
just 2 minutes. EASY TO READ: Match the color of the test
pads to the color blocks on the bottle label. First combination
test available for home use: tests for both Leukocytes (white
blood cells) and Nitrites for greater reliability. Physicians
know the combination test is better than a nitrite-only
test. Store at room temperature 59º- 86º F (15º- 30º C) out
of direct sunlight. For in vitro (external) diagnostic
use. A Directions Before You Start the Test: • Gather
the materials you need: - Bottle of AZO Test Strips® -
Folded tissue - Timer or watch with a second hand - Pen or
pencil (optional) - Clean, dry cup (optional) • Read all
directions • Wash your genital area thoroughly with soap
and water. Rinse with clear water. • Remove one test strip
from the bottle. Recap the bottle tightly. • Check the
color of both dry test pads. Compare them with the negative
color blocks on the bottle label. If either pad is darker than
the negative color block, discard the strip. • Note: Your
results will be more reliable if you test your first urine in
the morning or urine held in the bladder for at least 4 hours.
Using the Test Step 1 Apply urine to pads: ••
Begin urinating. After some urine has passed, hold the test pads
in the urine stream for 1-2 seconds. Make sure both test pads
are wetted. (If you prefer, you may collect your urine in a
clean, dry cup. Then dip the test strip in the urine.) ••
Lay the strip, pads up, on a folded tissue. Step
2 Wait for 2 minutes. Step 3 Read test results:
•• At 2 minutes, compare the strip to the color chart on the
bottle label. •• Match the color of each test pad to the
color chart for that test. Any amount of uniform pink color on
the nitrite test pad is positive (abnormal). Pink spots or pink
edges are not a positive result. A positive WBC test will give a
dark tan to purple color. (Ignore any color change after you
have read the test pads at 2 minutes). •• Dispose of the
strip with your household waste. Do not flush down the
toilet. Understanding Your Test Results •• If you
would like, you can record your results to assist you in
understanding your results. ( Example ) N = Negative P =
Positive •• Use the following table to determine what
your test results mean. Remember, they are only one piece of
information your doctor needs in order to treat you.
N NEGATIVE If you have symptoms, test again tomorrow with AZO
Test Strips®. If you still have symptoms after 2 days, contact
your doctor even if the results are negative. N NEGATIVE
P POSITIVE Contact your doctor immediately. A positive nitrite
result is a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI).
P POSITIVE P POSITIVE Contact your doctor immediately.
P POSITIVE N NEGATIVE Test again with AZO Test Strips® the
next time you urinate, thoroughly washing the genital area
first. If the WBC test is still positive, contact your doctor.

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