TIGER BALM: Tiger Balm Ultra White .63 fl oz

Tiger Balm Ultra White - .63 fl oz

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Pain Relieving Ointment for Sore Muscles &
Overexertion Non-staining. Ultra Strength. With more
pain-relieving menthol than Extra-Strength Tiger Balm, new
non-staining Ultra-Strength Tiger Balm provides deep penetrating
ultra relief to work where it hurts. Pain relieving
ointment. Sports rub for sore muscles & overexertion.
Provides soothing relief for aches and pains due to:
Overexertion, backaches, stiffness, joint pain, arthritis,
sprains. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength Pain Relief Ointment
(White, non-staining) contains the highest concentration of
ingredients of each of the balms which includes camphor, mint,
cinnamon, cajuput, clove and menthol which help relieve muscular
aches and pains, soothe tired muscles, increase circulation in
arthritic joints, warm up muscles before exercise and ease
soreness after working out. Sports Rub for sore muscles and
overexertion. Tiger Balm has been used by over one-third of
the world's population for over 100 years. It is an effective
external analgesic rub. Today, over 20 million jars of Tiger
Balm are sold annually in over 70 countries. Tiger Balm is made
from the finest ingredients. Tiger Balm concentrated formulation
penetrates quickly and provides effective temporary
relief. Active Ingredients: Camphor, Mentol Inactive
Ingredients: Cajuput Oil, Cassia Oil, Clove Oil, Dementholized
Mint Oil and Paraffin Petrolatum. Directions Apply
Ultra-Strength Tiger Balm to the affected area. Feel the warmth
of its ingredients helping to relieve muscle soreness and
stiffness. Rub well on affected area. Repeat 3 - 4 times daily.
For children under 2, consult a physician.

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