PRINCE OF PEACE: Pu-Erh Premium Black Tea 100 bag

Pu-Erh Premium Black Tea - 100 bag

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Pu-Erh Premium Black Tea

Prince of Peace® brings to you our value line
of teas. Black Tea is the world's most popular tea and accounts
for over 90% of the tea consumption in the western world. Our
Prince of Peace® Black Tea is freshly harvested from a tea
plantation that produces one of the finest Black Teas from
China. Our Black Tea undergoes a full oxidation (fermentation)
process, which causes the leaves to turn black and gives them
their characteristic flavor and aroma.

The various health benefits of Pu-Erh that you should know about

Pu-Erh is a type of tea that is grown in Yunnan Province, China and by taking this drink you stand a chance of helping your body in a number of different ways. People are already aware of things such as green tea being able to help your health in a number of ways however this version really can be seen as a super variety and the ways in which it can boost your health are detailed below.

Black Tea

This particular type of tea tastes very similar to black tea however there are two variants available. These are green and dark and brewing it results in quite an aromatic cup of tea that tends to have a love it or loathe it approach for most people.

Health Benefits

The main thing that you will be interested in however are the various health benefits of drinking this on a regular basis. These health benefits have been known for a long time in China and it has been used by people for centuries for a whole host of medical problems and this use has now really started to spread to the West.

Pu-Erh is well known for its soothing properties and in particular helping with a range of digestive problems. If you have had a heavy meal and you feel that it is just sitting there then drinking some of this tea can certainly help to ease the problem and make you feel a lot better.


Aside from this it has also been shown that it can help with regards to lowering your cholesterol. This clearly can then benefit you in a number of ways as it means there is less chance of you developing a number of health problems including heart conditions and is one main reason why you should consider taking Pu-Erh. It has also been shown that this particular type of tea also has blood cleansing properties and has been shown to assist with weight loss. It will aid circulation and tests show that it can be an effective way to combat toxins within your body as well when taken on a regular basis.

The way in which it helps your body is by managing to suppress the way in which your body deals with fatty acids which is why it has an impact on cholesterol as well as why it is effective in combating weight gain. To give an indication as to the potential effectiveness of it there have been studies involving a number of people with high cholesterol and the results have shown that those who take it over a thirty day period saw a reduction in the levels when compared to the rest in the test group.

So Pu-Erh does indeed have a number of health benefits that you should be aware of and it is certainly worth trying it over at least a month in order to see if there is any difference to your health. It focuses mainly on helping the blood and cleansing your system resulting in helping your circulation, cholesterol, preventing weight gain as well as clearing out toxins which means taking Pu-Erh can help you not just now but in the long term.

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