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Front label panel: Prince of Peace PREMIUM PEONY WHITE
TEA 100% NATURAL 100 bags (1.8g each) Individually wrapped Net
Wt. 6.34 oz. (180g) Instructions: Brewing Directions:
Use one bag per cup. Pour hot water on tea bag and let it
steep for 3-5 minutes before drinking.
Ingredients: Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1 Cup Servings
Per Container: 100 Amount Per Serving As Prepared Calories -
2 Total Fat - less than 1g Total Carbohydrate - less than
1g Sodium - 0mg Protein - less than 1g 0% Daily
Value* *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Not a significant source of Saturated Fats, Cholesterol,
Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron Percent
Daily Value (DV). Ingredient: Peony White Tea
Supplemental Facts: Dear Friends, It warms my heart to know
that you're making a good choice. Prince of Peace Peony White
Tea is indeed a good choice: good to your taste, good to
your budget, and most of all, good for your health! You'll
enjoy its delightful flavor as it calms, refreshes and warms
you. For centuries Bai Mu Dan tea (also know as "Peony White")
was an extremely rare tea once reserved for Chinese royalty.
Peony White Tea, considered one of the premium grades of white
tea, is made of young leaves and buds from the Camellia
Sinensis plant, hand picked during the fresh spring harvest in
China's Fujian province. The white, silver-ish leaves give
Peony White tea its name. With minimal processing, Peony White
tea's antioxidant property is approximately 3 times more than
green tea. There is also considerably less caffeine in
white tea (15-20mg per serving, compared to green tea at
20-30mg per serving, black tea at 50-80mg, and coffee at
100-200mg). For quality assurance, each tea bag is individually
wrapped. I know my teas! As the founder and president of my
company, I've traveled to my homeland countless times to bring
back and share with you my proud Chinese heritage and high
quality products for the past 20 years. As a company we
have built a strong reputation for bringing you products like
Tiger Balm, Bee & Flower Soap, Diet Mate, and the #1 selling
American Ginseng tea in America. I am committed to bring you
teas direct from the source (the lush plantations in China), to
eliminate layers of middle men and pass the savings to you. With
our extensive knowledge and experience with herbs we are
confident our Peony White tea will benefit your health. So
please open this box, brew a cup and enjoy not only my two
decades of experience, but centuries of Chinese goodness
and nutrition. You'll also feel good knowing that your
purchase not only improves your life, but those benefiting from
our charity organization (POP's Foundation) and Prince of Peace
Children's Home in China. This unique orphanage is the
first foreign staffed facility in China focusing on children
with special health needs. Thank you for enabling us to not
only sell quality tea but help others live life to the fullest.
I wish you peace, prosperity and good health! Prince of Peace
offers a complete line of teas. Please try our Green Tea,
Jasmine Tea, Ti Kuan Yin Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and other
ginseng and herbal tea products. SS

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