STARWEST BOTANICALS: Organic Anise Seed 1 lb

Organic Anise Seed - 1 lb

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Starwest stocks one of the largest selections of Certified
Organic Herbs & Spices in the country, with over 100 varieties
from all over the world. When you buy certified organic
products, you support conscientious farmers and companies
creating a healthy agricultural system from the ground up.
Starwest also offers a complete line of Certified Organic
Sprouting Seeds including Alfalfa, Broccoli, French Lentil, Mung
Bean, Radish, Red Clover, Red Pea, Salad Blend, and Sweet Green
Pea varieties; and with our Liquid Kelp one can easily produce
healthy and bountiful sprouts. In addition to our tremendous
selection of Herbs and Spices we offer a full line of Teas and
Mulling Spices. Our many varieties of Teas include Herbal, Chai,
Black, Green, Scented and Flavored, Certified Organic, and three
varieties of Mulling Spices. Our specially formulated Herbal Tea
Blends include: Afternoon Delight, Calming Rest, Energy
Adjustment, Hibiscus Heaven, Lazy Daze, Mad Hatter, Memory
Enhancer, Razzlemint, Serendipitea, Sniffle, Spice Delight, and
Stay Well; all created to suit a variety of specific needs.
Starwest's other special blends include seasoning spice blends,
and dehydrated soups and vegetables. Suggested Use: This
is Starwest's nitrogen-flushed double wall silverfoil pack.

Anise The Anise herb is cultivated in Egypt, Spain and Turkey
and can be used in tea, an essential oil, and whole seeds that
can be used for cooking. Anise is used to flavor toothpastes
because it is licorice flavored to freshen the breath. You can
boil seeds in water and use the extract for mouthwash! Anise has
been found to increase milk production in breastfeeding moms.
This can also settle the stomach in colicky babies. Anise is
also used as a tea to loosen phlegm and suppress a cough. You
will find anise as an ingredient in most lozenges and medicines
for suppressing cough. Moderation of the use of this herb is
recommended because after prolonged use, it may slow down

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