Boericke and tafel: Sports Gel 2.5 fl oz

Sports Gel - 2.5 fl oz

by   Boericke and tafel
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Sports Gel 2.5oz from Boericke & Tafel Sports Gel is a
non-greasy, fast acting homeopathic topical gel to give relief
to deep muscle and back pain, sports injuries and
over-exercising, tendon or joint pain and inflammation, nerve
pain and injury, bone bruises, minor cuts, scrapes or abrasions.
All-Natural Homeopathic. Pain relieving gel. Relieves muscle &
joint pain from over-exercising & sports injuries. Indications:
Temporary relief of minor muscle & joint pain associated with
over-exercising & sports injuries (strains, sprains, falls,
bruises), & minor pain from bone bruises & nerve injuries. Now,
you can have the gain without the pain! With B&T Sports Gel, you
can run a little farther, pump a little heavier iron, or take
that advanced class of aerobics and not suffer the consequences.
And if you pull a muscle or sprain an ankle, Sports Gel can ease
the pain to help you get back on our feet faster. With no know
side effects, all-natural B&T Sports Gel provides safe,
dependable pain relief for sprains, strains, bruises, and the
aftereffects of pushing your body a little too hard.
Ingredients: Bellis Perennis (daisy) 1x, Hypericum Perforatum
(stjohn's wort) 2x, Rhus Toxicodendron (poison ivy) 3x, Ruta
Graveolens (rue) 1x. Suggested Use: Apply to affected area
not more than 4 times daily. Safe for damaged skin. For added
relief, take B&T Sports Tabs orally.

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