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Clinical studies have demonstrated that odor-causing bacteria
build-up on the tongue is a prime cause of bad breath and a
potential contributor to other oral health problems such as
periodontal disease. Especially during sleep, the tongue is
coated with a plaque film of bacteria and other odor causing
compounds. The texture of the tongue is very conducive to
housing this unwanted bacteria, which is why, fresh breath is
difficult to maintain, even after brushing your teeth. Brushing
your tongue with a toothbrush only stirs up this plaque film,
without effectively removing it. The Tongue Cleaner is
scientifically designed to effectively clean the tongue,
including the important hard to reach rear portion of the
tongue. Our unique patented design produces what is widely
regarded as the standard for quality and effectiveness in tongue
cleaners. Remove the cause of the problem rather than just
treating the symptoms with mouthwash and breath aids.
Effectively cleaning the tongue is as essential as flossing and
brushing your teeth to maintain fresh breath and a healthy mouth
and gums. Tongue cleaning only takes a few seconds and it
dramatically improves your oral health. You’ll be amazed at how
quick and easy The Tongue Cleaner is to use. Once you have used
it for a few days, you won’t be without it. The Tongue
Cleaner is the impressive addition to your daily oral care
regimen. You remove the prime cause of bad breath, restore your
taste sensation and improve your oral hygiene. Enjoy a clean,
fresh healthy mouth. The Tongue Cleaner is made in the USA
from FDA approved bio-compatible material that is both safe and
durable. We do not use metal, which can be harsh on the tongue,
or inexpensive plastic, which requires constant replacement and
may be unhealthy. This is a medical grade device that is built
to last.

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