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Snoreclipse Original - 1 pc

by   PURELINE ORALCARE (Tongue Cleaner Company)
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  • Contributes to an overall reduction in stress
  • Designed to help you regain a healthy, natural, relaxed nasal breathing pattern
  • Helps the body to relax
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Snoreclipse Original by Pureline Oralcare

Snoring and breathing patterns are closely related. Regaining a relaxed nasal breathing pattern is very effective in providing relief from snoring problems, as well as helping the body to relax.

Snoreclipse is designed to help you regain a healthy, natural, relaxed nasal breathing pattern by effectively opening the nasal airway, which allows and encourages this.

Snoreclipse contains rare earth magnets that were carefully designed to apply a constant, gentle pressure on the nasal septum. This pressure increases circulation in the nasal area and promotes opening of the nasal passages. The opening of the nasal passages encourages relaxed breathing through the nose, which is very helpful in preventing snoring. Retraining the body to breathe through the nose in a calm, relaxed way is the objective.

We encounter many stressful things in life and this stress can alter our breathing patterns. For example, when people become upset or angry they often become physically tense and restrict their breathing. Retraining the body to re-establish calm, relaxed breathing through the nose not only helps prevent snoring, it can also contribute to an overall reduction in stress. Breathing correctly is the key to relaxation and is widely associated with reducing tension.


Before going to bed, place Snoreclipse over the nasal septum. It can be helpful to wear it for a short while before going to bed to allow the body to respond to the stimulus. Snoreclipse is very discreet, and can also be used while walking or doing mild exercise for enhanced breathing. To clean the device rinse with warm water. As the device is exposed to bacteria in the nasal area, Snoreclipse should be replaced every 90 days.

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