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Aged Garlic Extract™ [270 mg]; Brewer's Yeast [27 mg];
Kelp [9 mg]; Whey (per tablet/capsule). Garlic Plus™ — the
original Kyolic formula. Aged Garlic Extract assists in
fighting stress and fatigue.1-8 In addition, it may help to
remove heavy metals from the body.9,10 Brewer's yeast is
a source of natural vitamin B ­complex and trace
minerals. Kelp is a source of organic and inorganic
iodine and other minerals. Brewer's yeast and kelp may
help to replenish beneficial minerals. Whey contains a
high quality protein11 and is an excellent food source
for the growth of beneficial bacteria.12 Supplement Facts
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Kyolic Formula 101 SUGGESTED USE: Take two tablets/capsules
with a meal twice daily. Supplement Facts Serving Size 2
tablets/capsules Product Codes: 101-31: 100 tablets 101-32:
200 tablets 101-41: 100 capsules 101-42: 200 capsules
101-43: 300 capsules Amount per serving %Daily Value
Aged Garlic Extract™†† Powder (bulb) 540mg ** Brewer's Yeast
54mg ** Kelp 18mg ** ††Special Garlic Preparation **Daily
Value not established OTHER TABLET INGREDIENTS: Alginic
Acid (seaweed), Silica and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable
source). OTHER CAPSULE INGREDIENTS: Gelatin, Alginic Acid
(seaweed) and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source). Sodium,
Soy, Gluten & Dairy Free.

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