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The enzymes in Wobenzym include bromelain, which works to
break down certain proteins in the body. It may seem strange to
break down proteins, since they are essential to life.
However, some proteins can be quite harmful to joints, organs
and tissue. Wobenzym works like a biological "vacuum
cleaner" to rid the blood of these harmful proteins.

Wobenzym – N is a result of an intensive meta – analysis of clinical studies by German experts headed by Max Wolf. Their study started from the curiosity on how natural plants could work well with natural pancreatic enzymes to help alleviate various health conditions. To be specific, their team had the objective of finding a cure for joint pain due to inflammation and osteoporosis. And in 1960, Max Wolf and his team came up with the Wobenzym – N tablet, consisting of plant – based enzyme supplement from pineapple and papaya, synthetic or extracted pancreatic enzymes called trypsin and chymotrypsin and antioxidants. Many consumers have attested to an improved health condition with Wobenzym – N tablet use.

Continuing research for Wobenzym – N tablet happens years and years after its discovery. It has been constantly improved since the time it became available to consumers. The kind of Wobenzym – N tablet we have these days already comes in enteric – coated preparation. Not to mention, the Wobenzym – N tablet nowadays has been reformulated to get rid of the disapproved substances present in the original formula from Germany.

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