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# WD0008

Product Description World Organic Chlorocaps 50mg concentrated
chlorophyll softgels. World Organics Chlorocaps are made from
concentrated oil soluble Chlorophyll, made water soluble for
better absorption into the system. It is effective as an
Internal Deodorant in Helping to reduce offensive body odors.
Ideal for use in internal cleansing programs. Also try World
Organics Chlorophyll in Liquid, Hard Shell capsules and
Chlorophyll with Mint. Or, for body and breath freshness try the
Body Buddies twin pack, Breath Buddies with Chlorocaps softgels.
Suggested Use One (1) or two (2) capsules twice daily or as
directed by your health care professional. May be used directly
in colostomy or ileostomy bags as needed. Ingredients
Serving Size: 1 Softgel. Servings Per Container: 90. Amount Per
Serving: Chlorphyll (Sodium Copper Chlorophylins)(From Alfalfa
Leaves)(Medicago Sativa) - 50mg. Note: Please check the
manufacturer's website for the most current product information:

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