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YerbaMate Royale Instant Tea - 2.82 oz

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YerbaMaté Royale® Instant Wisdom™ A refreshing instant tea
and all-natural way to... Lose weight Boost energy
Stimulate alertness Rich in vitamins and minerals, YerbaMaté
is widely regarded as an excellent appetite suppressor. It is
also known to relieve allergy symptoms, act as a gentle diuretic
and colon cleanse, nutritionally accelerate the healing process
and protect against stress. In fact, Maté is used by traditional
healers in South America as a catalyst in many herbal
preparations. Stevia is a naturally sweet and nutritious herb
that is especially helpful in nourishing the pancreas.
Serving Suggestions Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon to 8 oz. of hot or
cold water. Ingredients Certified Organic Yerbamate Extract
(Ilex Paraguariensis), HoneyLeaf® Stevia Extract (Stevia
Rebaudiana Bertoni)

Increased Energy and Vitality with New Tonic Tea Tablets By
James A. May The hottest new entrant into the supplement
market is the new concentrated tonic tea extract tablets from
Wisdom of the Ancients. Each tablet is equal to a cup of the
tonic tea or one heaping tablespoon of the raw herb. This new
product offers consumers the same high quality benefits of
Wisdom of the Ancients teas, with the convenience of easy to
swallow tablets For thousands of years people who have
understood the power of nature have made tonic teas from special
herbs which contain the specific nutrients and phytochemicals
required by the body to bring itself to, and maintain a state of
vibrant energy and vitality as well as to stimulate its own
healing processes These days nearly everyone is looking for a
simple but effective way to increase energy, mental alertness
and longevity. We all want to keep our bodies healthy and free
from disease. But just how does one empower his or her body in
such a way that it can overcome illness rapidly and help you to
feel really good nearly all of the time? The new concentrated
tonic tea tablets are made by preparing a concentrated tonic
tea, thus extracting the vital nutrients and phytochemicals from
the correct species of the pure herbs harvested right out of the
virgin rain forests of Paraguay. The water is removed leaving
the health restoring nutrients which are then bound together
with oat bran and pressed into tablet;. THE MEDICINAL HERBS
OF PARAGUAY Renowned among medicinal herbs are YerbaMate and
Lapacho (also called Pau d'arco or Taheebo in other parts of
South America) and Stevia They are powerful herb tea tonics that
literally power up the healing mechanisms of the human body.
Because their function is to ignite and fuel the body's own
ability to energize and heal itself.they are effective against
numerous conditions. People worldwide who understand how the
body heals itself and maintains health and well-being prepare
and drink these special tonics daily. These medicinal tonic
strength teas have been in constant use for thousands of years.
Originally they were used to restore health and vitality during
times of fatigue or illness. Over time people began to drink
them daily because they learned that the teas effectively helped
them to maintain health, energy and alertness and appeared to
increase longevity in a healthy, energized condition. YERBA
MATÉ - NATURAL ENERGY AND NUTRITION People seeking increased
energy and alertness are enthusiastic about the effectiveness
and convenience of the YerbaMate Tonic Tablets. An example is
the experience of one of my sons. Following a full day of work
in Las Vegas he had to make a six hour drive to get to his home
in Provo, Utah. For years our practice has been to make a strong
tonic brew of YerbaMate Royale and drink a cup or_more when we
start a trip and as soon as we begin to feel road fatigue.
YerbaMate is incredibly effective in giving greatly increased
mental alertness and physical energy within minutes, and is
completely safe with no side effects. However, on this
occasion he had no opportunity to make the YerbaMate tonic tea
before starting the long trip home. He did have some of the new
concentrated tea tablets with him and decided to use them. The
problem was that he took 12 tablets, about 2 every hour, which
was too many. Not only was he totally alert for the entire drive
home, he was wide awake and alert all night. This did give him a
chance to catch up on the college homework he had missed while
away. Because he had classes to attend and work to accomplish
during the day he continued taking the YerbaMate tablets and
drinking a mild and delicious tasting brew of YerbaMate Royale.
He also stayed up all of the following night doing research and
writing a paper, still using the tea and tablets until his
project was finished, sleeping only about three hours during the
entire time. I discovered that 4 to 6 tablets are enough to
keep me alert for a drive of 5 to 6 hours following a full day
of work and 2 to 4 tablets offer a wonderful renewal of energy
and alertness at any time it is needed. Sometimes I put a couple
under my tongue for the sub-lingual effect. The increased energy
and alertness was evident within minutes. When held in the
mouth or under the tongue the taste isn't anything to cheer
about but the results are felt rapidly. The remarkable thing
about YerbaMate tea or tablets is that there is never a
noticeable let down from the energy and alertness. The process
is completely natural. LAPACHO - SOUTH AMERICAN IMMUNITY
MARVEL Many people believe that Lapacho may be one of the most
effective natural healing substances known to man. From all that
has been written about this amazing herb one quickly gets the
idea that it is useful for just about everything. Numerous
articles and chapters in books have been devoted to this herb
and the diseases and conditions that it is purported to
heal. The best way to get the maximum benefit from Lapacho
tea is to the blend the YerbaM ate Royale herb into the Lapacho
tea after it has been simmered for 10 minutes in reverse osmosis
or distilled water. YerbaMate, according to the Paraguayan
experts, becomes the catalyst that activates the numerous
healing compounds found in the inner lining (phloem) of the
Lapacho tree. While this tonic tea blend is extraordinarily
effective, it is time consuming and is somewhat difficult to
prepare. If you are seeking optimum healing results, it is
necessary to drink six to eight cups a day for a several weeks
and then at least two or three cups per day for maintenance.
With the new concentrated tonic tea tablets you simply swallow
the desired number of each with a large glass of
water. Choice as well as convenience is another benefit of
these new concentrated tonic tablets. They can be taken
individually for specific results or taken together for their
combined effect, just as one would combine the tonic
teas. STEVIA - MUCH MORE THAN A SWEETENER Stevia Concentrate
Tablets are also now available in health food stores, and they
are sweeter than you think. Not in taste but in what they do for
the human body. Stevia is fantastic! Wisdom of the Ancients
introduced a highly concentrated water-based Stevia extract to
consumers years ago. It was first marketed for its use in skin
care, for which it has exceptional properties, and since
September 1995, when the FDA changed its ruling, as a dietary
supplement. Stevia leaves and especially the water-based
concentrate have wonderful healing effects within the human
body. Research has shown that in its natural form Stevia
nourishes the pancreas, thus helping to regulate both high and
low blood sugar. It also tends to lower high blood pressure
while having no effect on normal or low blood
pressure. STEVIA AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Stevia users have
long insisted that the leaves (usually ground and used in tea
bag form) and concentrate reduced their appetite and their
craving for sweets and fatty foods, thus being a very effective
aid in weight loss. Research now underway suggests that
natural Stevia may be beneficial for people who are overweight.
It is believed that a defect exists between the stomach and the
hypothalamus in many people who are overweight, which fails to
"turn off' hunger sensations when the person is actually full.
It appears, from the initial research, that Stevia may correct
this defect and actually reset the hunger mechanism, thus
"turning off' hunger sensations when satiation has
occurred. If this proves to be correct, Stevia may be one of
the most important aids to weight management ever discovered.
One would simply add Stevia leaves, whole or pulverized, or the
natural dark concentrate or the tablets to the daily diet. The
concentrate and the leaves, either whole or ground to a powder,
are excellent in cooking and baking. The new Stevia
concentrate tablets are intended to be used as a true dietary
supplement. Each tablet is equal to 30 drops of the water-based
Stevia concentrate and should be swallowed with water. People
who use Stevia Concentrate to help balance blood sugar levels
have reported that they have found 30 drops of the Stevia
concentrate, taken two or three times a day to be useful in
helping to manage their condition. Some doctors have recommended
6-8 drops six times a day. People looking for help in
managing weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and simply
nourishing the pancreas, as well as 'lust naturally" reducing
their craving for sweets and fats are enthusiastic about the new
tablets. Although the tablets offer great convenience, people
interested in using Stevia for healing skin problems will either
want to continue to use the liquid concentrate, or have both of
them and use each one for its own specific benefits. Some
experts suggest that Stevia is destined to be known as one of
the most important nutritional discoveries of our century. In
our fast paced -- I want it now! -- society, many people are not
willing to take the time required to prepare and drink these
remarkable health tonics, no matter how effective they are. The
new concentrated tonic tea tablets will offer natural healing
and energizing benefits to people who just couldn't take the
time to prepare and drink effective tonic teas or use the
concentrate in other foods and beverages. FDA Disclaimer: The
statements in this article have not been evaluated by the FDA.
The products mentioned herein are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For medical advice, always
consult your health care professional.

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