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Egyptian Licorice Mint Sweetly Refreshing & Relaxing
The delights of the Pharaohs are yours again, with the mythical
pleasure of a cup of Egyptian Licorice Mint tea. Throughout
history, magical licorice root has been prized for its richly
sweet flavor and restorative powers. We’ve taken Organic
Licorice Root and added the refreshment of Organic Peppermint
Leaf with a hint of pungent spices like Organic Cinnamon Bark,
Organic Clove Bud and Organic Cardamom Seed to create a magical
beverage that was once reserved for a time long ago when kings
and queens indulged their senses with the aromas and flavors of
spices from the four corners of their empires. Enjoy a soothing
cup Egyptian Licorice Mint tea and allow the unique aromas to
conjure the mysterious beauty of Cairo in the warmth of your

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