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Simply Green Decaf - 16 bags

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Simply Decaf Green Tea Delicate & Flavorful Our 100%
Organic Simply Decaf Green Tea is a delicate balance of Organic
Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) from India, China and Sri Lanka,
blended to provide a taste experience for today with the healing
wisdom of yesterday. This special healing formula, unlike other
green teas, has a delicate flavor with no bitterness. The world
we live in is a complex and challenging one, and very often the
simplest approach is best. History frequently provides the
answers we are looking for. Over 4,500 years ago, Chinese
medicinal manuscripts referred to Green Tea as a simple yet
effective health aid. For generations, families have been
drinking this tea to bring them good health and longevity. We
honor the age-old traditions of harvesting, preparing and
sharing this life-enhancing beverage. It is our minimal
processing of the plant leaves that give this tea its special
potency. Green tea contains antioxidants, a modern term for the
health guardians of the body. Antioxidants help to prevent free
radicals from weakening our cells and are considered important
in the anti-aging process.* Green tea is the subject of exciting
scientific research, which, among other things, has shown it’s
antioxidant activity to be six times greater than that of black
tea. Our CO2 decaffeination method removes only the caffeine
while leaving all of the beneficial polyphenolic elements of
green tea intact. *These statements have not been evaluated
by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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