YERBA PRIMA: Soluble Fiber Formula 12 oz

Soluble Fiber Formula - 12 oz

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Soluble Fiber Formula someone wants to take psyllium husks to
help maintain regularity, they can be taken either between meals
or with meals, whichever is most comfortable. If someone wants
to take psyllium husks to help maintain healthy cholesterol
levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, they will be more
effective when taken with meals or just before meals. Psyllium
husks will not interfere with the absorption of vitamins,
minerals and other nutrients when taken as directed. Here is the
reason why. First, let's review how psyllium husks work in the
body. Psyllium husks swell when mixed with liquid and create
added bulk that is beneficial for the digestive system. The
added bulk has different effects in the small intestine and the
colon. In the small intestine, when psyllium husks are taken
with food, the added bulk results in the food moving more slowly
through the small intestine. This gives more time for the
digestive enzymes in the small intestine to pull nutrients out
of the food, and for the nutrients to be absorbed into the
bloodstream. As a result, there is not a problem of interference
with nutrient absorption. In the colon, the added bulk from the
psyllium husks results in the waste material moving more
quickly. This is beneficial, as the body gets rid of its wastes
and toxins more quickly when psyllium husks are taken. Peter
Finkle Director of Quality Assurance Yerba Prima, Inc.

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