ZAND: HerbaLozenge Menthol 15 loz

HerbaLozenge Menthol - 15 loz

by   ZAND
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# ZA0018

Menthol Cough Drop Contains NO cane sugar, fructose, sucrose,
or artificial sweeteners. In a base of Western and Chinese
herbs to enhance effectiveness. A natural cough suppressant.
Available in a 15 piece bag. Label Information Brown rice
syrup is all-natural, tastes wonderfully sweet, and allows
health conscious consumers to utilize ZAND's 10 throughout the
seasons without concern over restricted diets, refined sugars,
or the use of artificial sweeteners. Ingredients For
Menthol HerbaLozenge® 15 piece bag ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER
SERVING: Eucalyptus leaf, Horehound herb, Hyssop herb, Licorice
root, Mullein leaf, Peppermint leaf, Brown Rice syrup, Sage
leaf, Slippery Elm bark and Thyme leaf. Warnings KEEP OUT

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