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# ZW0010

Oxygen Boost Peppermint

Oxygen to Go! All-natural respiratory support. Boost Oxygen 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen. Available in aromatherapeutic Peppermint in 3 Sizes:

  • 10 Liter Large (200 1-second inhalations)

Help is Here when you need relief from hypoxia due to:

  • Facemask Fatigue
  • Altitude
  • Athletic Exertion
  • Hangovers

The benefits of medical Oxygen are wide ranging and well-documented. Supplemental Oxygen from Boost Oxygen brings you all of these benefits in a convenient, portable, super lightweight and recyclable can without the need for a prescription. That’s why Boost Oxygen is the number one trusted and best selling oxygen can worldwide!

Boost Oxygen provides pure, all-natural respiratory support that is safe and effective. Unlike caffeine and other stimulants that can potentially harm the body with extended use, Boost Oxygen offers supplemental Oxygen in non-prescription form. Oxygen is essential to every cell in your body. When you do not get enough Oxygen, you can experience symptoms from drowsiness to headaches to muscle tremors and unconsciousness. With Boost Oxygen you can help combat the effects of hypoxia, increase your energy and mental focus, and help your body recover safely and naturally. Help Is Here!

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