Doctors in India call it the "all in one solution" (Curamin)

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Date: January 29, 2010 09:23 AM
Subject: Curcumin Is "The All In One Solution" - Said by Doctors In India!

curamin root and powderDoctors in India call it the “all in one solution. Their "all in one solution" is curcumin. Why would medical professionals describe curcumin with such a powerful statement? Could it really be so powerful that it truly is the “all in one solution”?

I have researched herbs and nutrition for 40 years. I think I have pretty good knowledge of many of the top medicinal plants in the world. However, several years ago I began to see a number of studies on curcumin from different scientific institutions in various parts of the world. In all, over 2,000 studies have been conducted on curcumin over the last several years, and as many as a dozen new studies every month. I began to wonder - why has this plant intrigued so many scientists? This large amount of research is a clue that scientists are seeing a tremendous medicinal benefit of curcumin. This really piqued my curiosity, and while I do not have a specific technical background, I have a passion for research and development of high quality medicinal products. I began corresponding with scientists around the world to inquire as to what they were discovering and why there was this huge influx of scientific research. Eventually, a group of scientists invited me to a conference in India on curcumin. What I discovered was truly amazing. After 40 years in the health food industry and alternative medicine, I never thought I would have the opportunity to see a plant with such medicinal benefits.

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