Too Much Salt for Our Kids

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Date: December 06, 2016 12:59 PM
Subject: Too Much Salt for Our Kids

Cardiovascular disease kills over 800,000 Americans each year, and high salt intake is a major culprit. Yet American children are having far more salt than the daily recommended limit – which puts them at increased risk of heart disease later in life. Feed your kids fresh fruits and vegetables without added sodium or sauces. Read nutrition labels and buy low sodium food.

Key Takeaways:

  • American children are consuming sodium at levels that far exceed the daily-recommended limit, which will put them at increased risk for developing cardiovascular problems later in life.
  • Sodium reduction is considered a key public health strategy to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases nationwide and this study is the latest in ongoing CDC efforts to monitor U.S. sodium intake
  • According to the CDC, average sodium intake for kids was 3,256 milligrams per day, 50 to 60% above recommended depending on age.

"An easy way to assess sodium in a food is to focus on the amount of sodium per serving. Those foods with less than 140 mg per serving are considered low in sodium."


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