Marijuana and Appetite

old message Marijuana and Appetite Darrell Miller 01/31/17


Date: January 31, 2017 07:59 AM
Subject: Marijuana and Appetite

Many people suffer from over eating, but there is a similar problem that affects many other people- lack of appetite. Lack of appetite can stem from various factors, but it can be serious to people who are suffering illness and need to take in nutrients to get better. Marijuana is known to cause people to get "the munchies." There are two different components of marijuana that can help with lack of appetite: CBD and THC. Users can get these components in a variety of ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • A lack of appetite can be a serious condition when chronic. When we don’t eat, our health suffers.
  • Marijuana is an approved medication for appetite loss; however, CBD may also help ease symptoms.
  • Not having an appetite can cause problems for people who are already underweight, or individuals who are losing weight when they shouldn’t or don’t want to.

"While CBD isn’t known for its appetite-stimulating properties (in other words, it doesn’t give users “the munchies” the same way THC is known to do); it can still have some beneficial effects on people suffering from a lack of appetite."


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