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Date: October 08, 2005 12:07 PM
Subject: Daidzein

Daidzein - is an isoflavone found in soybeans, legumes, and peas. Soy isoflavone are free radical scavengers (Potent Antioxidants) and are antiangiogenic (interfere with unwanted blood vessel growth in disease states). They have been shown to have a beneficial effect on various types of cancer.

In countries like Japan where soy consumption is high, there is approximately 80 Percent lower incidence of prostate cancer than in the west. In a study that followed Japanese men who immigrated to the United States and abandoned their traditional diets, it was found that within on generation, there was a four to nine-fold increase of prostate cancer among them. But, unfortunately, the main isoflavone in soy, genistein, actually seems to have undesirable toxic effects. Only now is pure daidzein, the other isoflavone in soy, available as a supplement.

Daidzein doesn’t share genistein’s toxic properties, and was demonstrated to be very protective against prostate cancer in a study showing that peas dramatically reduce risk of prostate cancer. Peas contain a lot of daidzein, but not genistein.

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