Vitamin E for Prostate Health

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Date: October 15, 2005 01:22 PM
Subject: Vitamin E for Prostate Health

Vitamin E for Prostate Health

Vitamin E - is a major antioxidant nutrient that helps maintain healthy membranes and retards cellular aging due to oxidation. It is especially important to sexual and reproductive health. One study that followed more than 29,000 male Finnish smokers, ages 50 to 69, for five to eight years, showed that Vitamin E reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Our diets contain mostly the gamma tocopherol form of Vitamin E. Most dietary supplements contain only alpha tocopherol, not gamma tocopherol. Unfortunately, high intakes of alpha tocopherol actually pushes the preferred gamma form of Vitamin E out of the body. And since the most current research shows it is gamma tocopherol that is associated with a reduction of prostate cancer—especially when combined with selenium and alpha tocopherol—make sure you take a supplement that contains gamma and alpha, not just alpha tocopherol!

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