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old message Yogi Tea – Exquisite Taste, timeless Wisdom. Darrell Miller 06/05/06

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Date: June 05, 2006 04:51 PM
Subject: Yogi Tea – Exquisite Taste, timeless Wisdom.

Only Yogi tea offers the delicate flavor and renowned antioxidant qualities of green tea combined with the most effective herbal remedies in the world. We use the finest green tea leaves from the gardens of the East to provide both excellent flavor and healing benefits. Find yourself on the path to lasting health with out Green Tea Healing Formulas. Green Tea w/Echinacea, Kombucha & Elderberry Tea to fight off those colds and flu. Green Tea Super Anti-Oxidant tea to help slow the aging process and reduce fine lines. Green Tea Slim life formula to help shred those unwanted pounds.

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