New Study Promotes “Omega-3 Index” …

old message New Study Promotes “Omega-3 Index”… Darrell Miller 09/12/06


Date: September 12, 2006 02:16 PM
Subject: New Study Promotes “Omega-3 Index”…

A large scientific review has concluded that omega-3 fatty acids are indeed beneficial to heart health—so much so that if warrants a new measure of cardiovascular risk, which the authors suggest should be called the “Omega-3 Index.” Published online in the journal Cardiovascular Research (dol: 10.1016/J.Cardiores.2006.08.019), researchers reviewed epidemiological and four large-scale intervention studies and concluded that majority of evidence supports the beneficial activity of omega-3s. The mechanism behind the benefits, as proposed by the authors, is the incorporation of EPA and DHA, two types of omega-3s, into cell membranes, which replace other fatty acids and change the properties of the cell. The “Omega-3 Index” would be defined as the percentage of EPA plus DHA in red blood cell membranes, relative to other fatty acids. Based on data from the literature, the authors assessed that an omega-3 index value of eight percent or above is associated with a 90 percent reduction in the risk of sudden cardiac death.

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