Mangosteen – Xanthone Rich Antioxidant and Immune Support

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Date: May 08, 2007 04:34 PM
Subject: Mangosteen – Xanthone Rich Antioxidant and Immune Support

From the jungles of Southeast Asia comes an exciting plant that is extremely important for today’s health. Planetary Herbals Mangosteen is a delicious drink; rich in powerful antioxidants that help maintain immune system health and promote general well-being.

Mangosteen has been used for centuries by traditional health practitioners of India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Philippines, and Vietnam, but until recently its fragility prevented wider cultivation or distribution to world markets. Mangosteen is rich in xanthones—antioxidants that enrich and protect the entire body.

Traditional Use

Mangosteen grows only in lush, steamy jungles. The tree has long, waxy leaves, fleshy flowers, and a small red fruit, similar in appearance to a pomegranate. The purple-red rind encases a while fruit that is segmented like an orange. Mangosteen fruit has long been treasured in the tropics of Southeast Asia and Indochina; it is now gaining worldwide fame for its wide-ranging health benefits.

Xanthone-Rich Nutrients

Laboratory tests have shown that the rind of the rare, tropical Mangosteen naturally contains 40 types of xanthones, such as mangostin, mangostenol, mangostenone A, trapezifolixanthone, and many more. Studies have shown that xanthones can strongly support healthy immune and cardiovascular systems by functioning as potent free-radical scavengers. Some xanthones have been shown to slow the activity of histamine by acting as receptor blockers.

Planetary Herbals Mangosteen has been formulated to provide you with a powerful blend of beneficial nutrients and delivers 28mg of powerful xanthone antioxidants. The drink blend also includes the adaptogens eleuthero and shisandra, which increase resistance to environmental stress; astragalus, one of the primary immune tonifiers of Chinese herbalism; and the free-radical scavenger turmeric and its constituent curcumin, known for their remarkable antioxidant properties.

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