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Date: November 17, 2007 02:38 PM
Subject: Acai: A Powerful Amazonian Antioxidant

Acai is a potent Amazonian antioxidant, which grows on palm plants in the rain forests of Brazil. Indigenous Brazilians have used acai for thousands of years and believe that it has extraordinary properties. Acai has small, purple fruits that have been used by Brazilians for food and health for hundreds of years. Its active constituents are polyphenols and anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that benefit the entire body by protecting cells from free radicals.

The origin of Acai

Acai – Euterpe Oleracea – is one of the most naturally abundant species in the eastern Amazonian estuary flood plains. It is a common palm tree that grows anywhere from 50 feet to 80 feet tall. The fruit of acai is round and less than one inch in diameter with a large seed inside surrounded by a fibrous sheath. Indigenous people have used acai as a healthful botanical and as a food. They prepare the juice by soaking the fruit in water to soften the outer shell. They then squeeze the fruit and strain out the large seeds, resulting in a deep purple juice with a delicious, distinctive flavor.

The Full Spectrum Advantage

Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum Acai combines 750mg of a 4:1 acai fruit extract with 250mg of acai fruit juice powder. Combining fruit extract with fruit juice powder provides a wide spectrum of acai’s healthful compounds—for a broad range of activity.

Planetary Herbals’ Commitment

Like the rest of the Planetary Herbals product line, Full Spectrum Acai exemplifies Planetary Herbals’ commitment to herbalism at its best—combining the wisdom of traditional herbalism with the advances of modern science. The result: botanicals you can count on to deliver the benefits you are seeking from an herbal product. See the insert in this newsletter for details and ordering information.

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