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Date: March 06, 2009 03:21 PM
Subject: Planetary Ayurvedics

Planetary Herbals formerly called “Planetary Formulas” was the first American manufacturing company to produce and introduce classic ayurvedic products to the U.S. health food market. To highlight the rich herbal tradition of Ayurveda and the beauty and power of Ayurveda’s time-tested ancient formulas, Planetary Herbals now introduces Planetary Ayurvedics, a special selection of time-honored ayurvedic formulations. Look for the new label in a warm color palette of rose, gold and cream, with a beautifully rendered lotus blossom in the foreground.

Ayurveda: The Science Of Life

Ayurveda is considered the most ancient, continuously practiced health system, with a history spanning more than 5800 years. Ayurveda unites a detailed understanding of human physiology with the universal principles that unite humans with out environments. Ayurveda teaches that good nutrition, healthy breathing and exercise, and balancing herbal formulas not synthetic chemicals can help realign human beings with our natural world.

In 1978 Planetary herbals formulator Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D., one of the worlds most experienced clinical herbalists, traveled to India to study Ayruveda. There he learned about the ancient Aurvedic formula, Triphala. Michael brought this legendary cleanser and tonifiers back to the American health food industry, along with the seeds of the potent tonifiers, ashwagandha. Several classic Ayurvedic formulas were among the first compounds introduced into the planetary herbals line and are now featured in our new planetary ayurvedics label.

Planetary Ayurvedics

Planetary ayurvedics will launch with six classic ayurvedic botanicals and compounds; additional products will roll out over time.

Triphala and Triphala Gold: Planetary ayurvedics offers sustainably wildcrafted Triphala and Triphala Gold from certified organically cultivated fruit. The most highly revered ayurvedic herbal formula in India. Triphala consists of three sour and astringent fruits, amla, harada, and behada. This potent yet gentle formula supports the body’s intestinal cleansing processes.

Hinga Shtak: the most widely used ayurvedic herbal digestive formula, Hinga Shtak combines warming, spicy, pungent carminative herbs that support normal digestion and assimilation; it is especially useful for alleviating occasional gas and bloating.

Holy Basil Extract: known as Tulsi in Ayurveda, holy basil is revered for promoting centered calmness. It is an Adaptogenic tonic, reduces the negative effects of stress, and inhibits the inflammatory enzymes COX-2. planetary ayurvedics uses organically cultivated holy basil in its softgels and liquid.

Trikatu Sinus Complex: the legendary three spices compound has been used for more than 1,000 years in Ayurveda. It is a warm and spicy blend, traditionally used to support digestion, the lungs and the sinuses, and to counter excess mucus production in the digestive system.

Guggul Compound (Yogaraj Guggul): This ayurvedic classic supports circulation and helps maintain cholesterol levels in the normal range. Modern research shows that guggul resin supports cholesterol wellness, increases fat metabolization, and promotes healthy thyroid function.

Full Spectrum Gymnema Sylvestre: Valued in Ayurveda for centuries, Gymnema maintains healthy blood sugar when used as part of the diet. It supports glucose metabolism by mediation of insulin activity and promotes healthy pancreatic function. Full Spectrum Gymnema Sylvestre is standardized to 25% Gymnemic acids and delivers the same potency used in scientific research.

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