New Slippery Elm Lozenges To Sooth The Throat

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Date: August 04, 2009 01:19 PM
Subject: Slippery Elm Lozenges

Herbal Throat Support

After a night of talking or a long day of meetings, we have all experienced the occasional discomfort of a sore, dry, tired throat. Slippery elm (Ulmus rubra) is a Native American discovery and is just the thing to support throat health.

The native North American tree is found throughout central and eastern Canada and the U.S. its inner bark has been used for generations. Native Americans ground it into a powder for use in health supporting ointments and as a tea. Early pioneers made a nutritious broth with it to feed infants and elders. Modern people primarily appreciate its soothing properties for moistening the throat; it is a prime choice for singers because it contains no harsh ingredients that affect the vocal cords.

For centuries, slippery elm bark has been one of the worlds most widely respected natural ingredients to soothe, moisten and relax the throat and to relieve minor irritation associated with exposure to dust, excessive talking and other everyday activities.

It is recommended that all those who suffer from throat irritations to give slippery elm a try.

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