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Date: June 06, 2005 12:54 PM
Subject: Exceptional Echinacea - Full Spectrum™ Fresh Echinacea Extract

  • Full Spectrum™ Fresh Echinacea Extract
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  • Since it was first introduced into American Medicine by Native Americans in the late 1800’s, Echinacea has been one of the most widely used herbs on this continent. With modern research, scientists worldwide are validating the many ways in which Echinacea can strengthen the body’s defenses. Echinacea’s popularity continues to grow — it is one of the most useful herbs to keep on hand for household use. Planetary Formulas offers three different products containing premium grade, freshly harvested, pure Echinacea. Obtaining freshly harvested material is essential because Echinacea plants rapidly lose their potency when exposed to heat and light. Once powdered, they can lose their strength in as little as six months. Our harvesters send us whole roots of the current season’s Echinacea. The roots are custom powdered, tableted or extracted immediately, and placed in tightly sealed, light-proof or amber bottles. This insures that every bit of Echinacea potency is maintained. When properly prepared, Echinacea can remain vitally potent for years.

    Full Spectrum™ Fresh Echinacea Extract

    Many of our customers have told us that this is the best Echinacea product they have ever experienced. It is definitely one of the finest Echinacea products ever produced. Modern researchers have discovered different levels of activity in different parts of the Echinacea plant. The roots contain rich amounts of isobutylamides, which give Echinacea its characteristic tingle. The fresh leaves contain the highest amount of polysaccharides, which have powerful strengthening effects on the system, while the seeds provide a wide range of defense-enhancing activity. However, the key to Echinacea’s effectiveness is in the quality and potency of the material that is being used. That is why we are so particular about the Echinacea that we use. We receive the ingredients for our Full Spectrum Fresh Echinacea Extract from two places: Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea pallida are freshly wild-crafted in their natural habitat, while our Echinacea purpurea is certified organically grown in the rich mountain soil of Washington state. The plants are air-shipped to us and immediately extracted, preserving the maximum amount of Echinacea activity. Plus, we use twice as much plant material as is used in most commercial tinctures. Planetary Formulas Full Spectrum™ Fresh Echinacea Extract is your guarantee of Echinacea you can count on!

    Echinacea Glycerites™

    Unfortunately, the bitter, pungent taste of Echinacea in liquid extract form makes it difficult for many people, especially children, to ingest. Echinacea Glycerites are a great tasting alternative to traditional liquid supplements. The Echinacea used in Echinacea Glycerites is first extracted in alcohol to harness all the benefits of the herb. Then, the alcohol is evaporated off and naturally sweet glycerin is used as the carrier. Available in delicious lemon, peppermint and orange flavors, these are sure to be a hit with kids of any age! Echinacea Extract Tablets are made from the roots of the highest quality Echinacea. After grinding, the root powder is immediately extracted in water to isolate as many of the active ingredients as possible. It is then squeezed with a high-pressure extracting press until every drop of “juice” is pressed, leaving the fibrous remainder of the herb (the marc). A portion of the marc is thrown away and the liquid is dried on the remainder, creating a high quality, highly potent extract tablet that gives you the increased potency and bio-availability of a tincture, without the alcohol!

    Echinacea Root Tablets contain 1000 mg of premium grade pure Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea pallida roots. Each shipment is inspected by a trained herbalist to insure purity and quality. If it does not meet our standards, it does not go into our product.


    Because of the wide range of benefits that it possesses, Echinacea is one of the most sought-out herbs in the Western world. Give yourself the best of what this herb has to offer with Planetary Formulas’ premier Echinacea products.

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