Got Parasites? Your Best Bet is Oregano Oil!

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Date: June 10, 2011 12:19 PM
Subject: Got Parasites? Your Best Bet is Oregano Oil!

Fight Parasites With Oregano Oil

Do you have parasites such as lice or worms? Whether you have them externally or internally, oregano oil will not only kill them off but prevent them from coming back. Even mosquitoes are warded off using oregano oil, and many other biting insects as well. However, this marvelous smelling (to us) oil offers you many more benefits in the fight against the parasites that live off us than just these!oregano leaves dried oil

Worms, for example, are common in many societies, particularly where they have intimate contact with animals. Even in the more developed countries tapeworm and round worm are not uncommon, and oregano oil will help rid you of these debilitating parasites. Taking oregano oil orally will kill off most forms of intestinal parasites, and applied externally will also rid you of body lice, head lice and pubic lice, commonly known as 'crabs'.

It also tends to act as an insect repellant, and when applied to your skin will not only deter all sorts of lice and fleas from finding you attractive, but will also keep away flying insects such as mosquitoes and midges, and frequently also bed bugs if you choose the wrong motel!

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