Can Chromium Picolinate Help Me Control My Blood Sugar Levels?

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Date: July 01, 2011 11:18 AM
Subject: Can Chromium Picolinate Help Me Control My Blood Sugar Levels?

Chromium picolinate is best known as a nutritional supplement especially formulated to help reverse deficiency in chromium and combat uncontrolled blood sugar that often leads to morbidity. It is a synthetic compound that contains trivalent chromium, which is also found in the human diet in trace quantities. Being the subject of scientific research on blood sugar, it has shown promising results.

Regulates Blood Sugar

Glucose metabolism is central to energy production. Sugar levels in the blood are influenced by many different factors, including the form of compounds that are often present in the diet. As a general rule, foods with high glycemic index increases blood sugar levels at a fast rate, such as simple sugars. On the other hand, the presence of minerals like chromium helps maintain healthy serum sugar levels.

It has long been observed that chromium plays an important role in the regulation of blood sugar. In fact, there is scientific consensus that trivalent chromium ions work in the same manner as any other essential mineral. Hence, it is categorized as a trace mineral or chemical element required in very small quantities to maintain the normal functioning of body processes, of blood sugar in particular.

Combats Insulin Resistance

The pancreas is a gland responsible for the synthesis and releases of endogenous compounds that are important to the process of digestion and regulation of blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas and consequently released in response to the digestion and absorption of carbohydrate molecules. It is released in relatively higher amounts if the glycemic index of carbohydrate is high.

Insulin resistance refers to the medical condition that often precedes diabetic mellitus and complicates other metabolic disorders. It takes place when insulin becomes less effective as a hormone, and thus fails to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. It has been postulated that chromium picolinate improves insulin resistance, notably in people with diabetes and prevents its development in healthy individuals.

Reduces Sugar Cravings

Sugar is the biochemical precursors of chemical energy. Foods rich in carbohydrates are excellent sources of sugar, and thus they provide optimum levels of energy in comparison with other sources of food. Not surprisingly, a diet high in carbohydrates gives the body a steady supply of cellular energy that in excesses results in increases in adipose tissue, subcutaneous fat, and of course blood sugar.

Regular consumptions of simple sugars have been incriminated in the impairment of the chemical reactions that involve glucose. For example, sugar cravings have been tied to metabolic syndrome, a disorder that stems from uncontrolled levels of blood sugar, among others. It was noted that the presence of simple sugar in the diet actually increase the excretion of dietary chromium in the urine.

Chromium picolinate reverses the deleterious effects of simple sugars when ingested. In fact, it curbs carbohydrate cravings, the reason why it is commercially touted to promote weight loss.

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