Support Healthy Bones, Fight Disease And Pain With Vitamin D-3

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Date: September 05, 2011 09:44 AM
Subject: Support Healthy Bones, Fight Disease And Pain With Vitamin D-3

Why Is Vitamin D So Important To Your Health?

Vitamin D is an important vitamin for our overall health, however many people worldwide, are not getting enough of this vitamin. Although vitamin D is easily stored in your body fat until it is needed, the issue is not getting enough of it into the body. Overall, dosage required by the US Government is 800 to 1000 units (marked as "800 IU") daily for children and adults. People who are over 65 probably need even more than 1000 IU.

Bone Health

The primary job of vitamin D is to aid in monitoring that the amount of calcium and phosphorus in your blood is just right. These are the 2 nutrients that work together to make your bones strong. Without the proper amount, only half of these nutrients will be absorbed which is something we would like to avoid. Adequate D vitamin has shown to prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis in older people.

Helps Fight Disease

Some studies have shown that Vitamin D treatment on cancer cells had positive effects. It seemed to promote differentiation and death or apoptosis(the process of programmed cell death) of cancer cells. And lower levels of vitamin D circulating in the bloodstream are tied to a higher risk of developing diabetes, some research has shown a correlation between type 2 diabetes patients where in majority of the patients had low Vitamin D levels. Multiple sclerosis, a severely debilitating nerve disease has been linked to countries that are less tropic, which lead to studies eventually finding that sunlight exposure gives a good level of vitamin D and subsequently boosts immune system and in theory helped prevent the proliferation of the disease in these tropic areas.

Pain relief

Some studies show that Vitamin D deficiency can cause the muscles to become painful and also become weak causing falls in the elderly and fatigue in many people. Also in other research, with all the other possible effects of Vitamin D deficiency and its widespread cause of pain from different diseases like bone weakening due to calcium not absorbed correctly by the bone some say that it already can be use to relieve pain, although admittedly more studies needs to be done since there was not actual testing specific to this theory of being a pain reliever since the pain came from different diseases. However with the ones that have been proven to be a painful effect of the deficiency it surely can be considered a relief for pain.

Overall Health

The value of Vitamin D has been more important because of some discoveries like how it can manage our immune systems functions very well. It’s almost as good as ongoing inflammation, you see the body functions in such a way that it fights any impurities it detects and in sending those antibodies to a certain affected area swelling or inflammation occurs. Thus the analogy that if you have the right amount of Vitamin D in your body it’s like you’re always ready and capable to fight off common colds or other minor diseases that challenges your immune system on a daily basis.

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