Can Wild Yam Be Used Transdermally And What Does Yam Do For The Body?

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Date: September 08, 2011 01:19 PM
Subject: Can Wild Yam Be Used Transdermally And What Does Yam Do For The Body?


Yam is the common name of some species coming from the family of dioscorea however in this article we will be looking more specifically into Wild Yam. Culturally and traditionally the use of wild yam may differ and it’s known to by many different names. To name some of them: dioscorea villosa, china root, colic root, Yuma, devil’s bones Mexican root and rheumatism root. In recent years more and more acceptance from the western medicinal industry has been shown however as always for most herbal remedies, further research needs to be done to exactly pinpoint some of its benefits. As it stands right now it seems to have promise as more and more products in the market contain this substance.

What it can do for the body?

Traditionally Wild Yam has been commonly used as relief for menstrual cramps or pain. Women in the menopausal stages were the ones who gained the most benefit as it could be used against menopausal symptoms. In other cases it also was useful for rheumatic conditions to alleviate some swelling and pain. There also have been records that in herbal medicine it was used as a treatment for gallbladder issues. In the modern world though, more and more products have pushed Wild yam into playing a role as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as it has been chemically manufactured into progesterone or estrogen to aid the body replenish its levels of these hormone.

Wild Yam in Transdermal Form

There still needs to be further research to be done by the FDA for this extract however basing it on traditional uses and its history of effectiveness in certain areas of treatment it does back up the proliferation of this substance in many products today. In ancient cultures this has been used to alleviate certain localized pains in the body ranging from many different inflammation issues to menopausal symptoms. So the simple answer to the question if wild yam can be used topically is, yes it can and even has shown to be more effective if used in that manner. Modern research has also shown that it does do what ancient herbal medicine says it can. Its most common example as a topical treatment is how it is used by women to alleviate menopausal symptoms, it works in such a way that the molecules converted from wild yam extract can take the place of progesterone in the body therefore allowing the body to have a more normal level of progesterone as the body’s natural production declines with age.

Progesterone is basically a steroid hormone that supports female menstrual cycles, pregnancy and embryogenesis of humans and other species and has been manufactured from the Yam family which allows it to be manufactured more naturally which brings about the further benefit that it gives in terms of the minimization of side effects since it is not taken internally unlike most pills and drugs.

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