What Are The Natural Supplements To Cure Prostate Cancer?

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Date: September 14, 2011 02:13 PM
Subject: What Are The Natural Supplements To Cure Prostate Cancer?


Many Americans today have been a little more concerned about prostate issues especially in the baby boomers age demographic. Many of us have been a part of this cancer whether we like it or not. Even if it is not us who are experiencing this we still are a part of it because it could be your dad, grandfather or maybe even just someone you might know 3 houses away from you but still it is around us so for us to have a better understanding about prostate health and prostate cancer let’s get to know the prostate itself and the disease as well so we can also move on towards finding what are the best ways to help cure it.

Prostate and Prostate Cancer

The prostate is basically a small gland almost the size of a walnut and normally around 7-16 grams in adults. It basically is classified as a reproductive gland and it is surrounding the urethra which is the urinary bladder’s outlet tube and it is housed in the cavity of the pelvic right between the bladder and the rectum. One of its primary function is to contribute about 20 to 30 percent of seminal fluid in males which is why prostate issues is almost a taboo for most patients because in the normal males mind anything involving their reproductive organ is about their manhood and some even go as far as not allowing any surgery removing the prostate even if it will kill them because they still want to be active sexually. With age it is pretty normal that the prostate will also enlarge however the main concern is when the enlargement is too big that it becomes anomalous and this is where prostate cancer starts. This process of anomalous enlargement usually takes years to develop and create serious health concerns especially when accompanied by the symptoms.


Urinary problems like frequent or hesitant urination coupled with pain and blood in the urine. Problems with penile erection and pain when ejaculating and along with blood as well and another symptom would be some pelvic discomfort. There also is persistent pain in the back and lower limbs. Sometimes there even is swelling in the legs. In more advanced stages some unwanted weight loss may also occur.

Possible Cures for Prostate Cancer

One thing really is a common thread when it comes to helping patients with prostate cancer and that is having ample amounts of lycopene. Studies have shown that in men, this powerful antioxidant agent is low. Furthermore it also has the ability to reduce tumour size. Aside from this the normal nutrients like vitamins and minerals are also important and to name a few, Vit D since it has ability to inhibit tumor, Vit E and C as well which are great for immune system boost to fight cancer cells as they too are antioxidants. Some trace minerals like Zinc which is aiding in the alteration of steroid hormone metabolism which essentially allows for tumor growth inhibition. One popular herb remedies is saw palmetto and this has been known since the ancient world to have the properties to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto and pygeum can also support a health prostate and should be taken by those who feel they are at risk for an enlarged prostage.

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