Does Cherry Fruit Extract Really Help Gout?

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Date: September 16, 2011 03:59 PM
Subject: Does Cherry Fruit Extract Really Help Gout?


Gout is basically considered to be another form of arthritis. It is the complex version of it according to some definitions and it is characterized by severe pain attacks and most of the time it also is sudden and unexpected. It will also cause redness and joint tenderness and often times it will inflict the joint found in the big toe. Gout is not selective. It will be able to affect anyone so meaning anyone can have gout, both men and women however studies have shown that men are more likely to be infected but on the other hand women are also showing signs of increasingly being susceptible to gout especially the women that are post- menopausal. Sometimes an acute attack of gout can happen in the middle of the night and needless to say it will most definitely wake you up and make you feel like your big toe is on fire. It will be so inflamed and tender that even the slightest contact will cause severe pain. One good thing about this gout problem is that it is treatable and there are a number of ways to reduce the chances of gout occurring or recurring. One of the ways is supplementing with cherry fruit extract.

Cherry Fruit Extract

Cherry fruit extract as its name would suggest is either liquid or powder in its form and contains a number of nutritious cherry components which also can be in concentrated form. The fruit itself has long been popular as an appealing fruit which many people like to use for flavour enhancements of food or sometimes add texture. However what really sets it apart from the usual fruits that are used the same way is the number of possible health benefits that it could give. One more thing that is great about it is that it’s low in calories but packed with a big nutritional punch. It is loaded with great amounts of Vit C and phytochemicals which also aids in the improvement of overall health so health wise this little fruit that could is amazing in its own right. One fruit usually contains about 1 gram of extract. The extract demonstrates its power when a recent study showed that the extract contains roughly the same amount of nutrients as eating 2 cups of fruits.

Cherry Fruit Extract and Gout

Recent studies suggest that the cherry fruit extract’s high content of phytochemicals makes it a champion in combatting gout and the pain it gives. These phytochemicals aside from its cancer fighting properties is also found to be great for inflammation. Therefore, in present times cherry fruit extracts has been popularly known to be something that could be used against gout effectively. Another key to the extract’s importance in fighting gout is because of having contents of flavonoids because it is able to help prevent high levels of uric acid which are one of the causes of gout and it also has shown to be able to prevent inflammation.

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