How Do I combat Motion Sickness With Natural Herbs?

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Date: September 19, 2011 02:48 PM
Subject: How Do I combat Motion Sickness With Natural Herbs?


This article just came in time, because I just experienced a whole lot of motion sickness this past weekend. Got through a six hour bus trip and I felt like vomiting a whole lot on the trip. I wasn’t sure about what to do with it but it is more of I’m not sure if I lacked sleep and food in my stomach. Eventually though, yes I was able to make sure that it is indeed motion sickness as I made sure that I had food in my stomach and also tried to sleep but I was not sleepy enough to do so, at that point I only had one more thing to consider and that is motion sickness. There is nothing else that it could be and even now as I am writing this article I still am feeling a little dizzy. I still feel like I am still in motion and I am still in a bus. So this writing will help me make sure how to avoid this situation in the future. See, I did not want to take any drugs at that time because I felt like I could handle it and I did not want to experience any side effects to hinder me from having fun in the trip. So all natural is always the way to go if that is the case. So let us look at some natural herbs that can help with motion sickness.

Motion Sickness

Just a quick characterization of motion sickness according to science and they define it as a uneasiness, feeling of nausea, some cold sweat, dizziness and more severe cases will be accompanied by vomiting that is brought about by any moving vehicle like planes, trains, boats, or cars.

All natural Remedies

Ginger is a multi-purpose herb that is used for so many other health benefits but one of those is being a popular remedy for motion sickness. In milder cases of motion sickness where in the feeling of nausea is not that strong, according to studies it can be helpful. Another herb that has proven to be helpful through the decades is chamomile. It also has been studied that the best so far is the one of German variety. Peppermint oil also helps a lot and usually to be able to have that mint smell we could put some on a handkerchief for easy sniffing and it also can settle upset stomach that might cause vomiting while travelling. Lastly there have been some claims that motion sickness may be caused by low levels of Vitamin B6 in the body so take B6 a couple of days before travelling.

All natural but not herbal

Another way of naturally combating motions sickness is through acupressure. This process has been done and used by Chinese medicine for centuries and what it does is press on acupuncture points and the primary point in the body it presses is the pericardium six. This is what provides relief from nausea caused by motion sickness.

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