Can Butchers Broom Help Constricted Blood Vessels?

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Date: September 30, 2011 02:29 PM
Subject: Can Butchers Broom Help Constricted Blood Vessels?

Butchers Broom And Circulation

One of the problems with blood circulation is the abnormal constriction of blood vessels. This is the narrowing of the lumen or internal diameter of the blood vessels in which the blood passes through. This constriction may lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases such as heart attacks, Burger's Syndrome, Reynaud's Disease and the like. Constricted blood vessels, if left unmanaged, can also significantly decrease tissue and cell perfusion leading to considerable damage of such tissue or cell. These conditions are debilitating and even life threatening. However, blood vessel constriction can also be helpful in improving venous insufficiencies. The narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessel can significantly enhance venous return. Thus, circulation is enhanced to its maximum.

There are several substances for constricted blood vessels. In this article, we will only be discussing about the herbal medicine called Butcher's Broom. This herb has been studied and found to have the potential to improve blood circulation by helping constricted blood vessels. The scientific name of Butcher's Broom is Ruscus aculeatus. It consists of chemical compounds which trigger the muscles of the blood vessels to constrict.

What is Butchers Broom?

Butcher's Broom is a shrub which is commonly green in color. It stands upright with striated stems and has falsely thorny leaves. It is widely available all over the world especially in Asia and United States of America. This plant bears asparagus – like shoots which can be eaten by humans safely.

Butchers Broom Active Ingredients

Butcher's Broom plant has many active compounds which can improve blood circulation. These chemicals are called saponins, specifically ruscogenin and neorosogenin. These saponins have been found to have a stimulating property on the veins, inducing vein constriction, thus improving venous flow back to the heart. A study on women with chronic venous insufficiency had shown improvement after taking Butcher's Broom extract. They have reported that they experienced lesser leg tension and fatigue. Butcher's Broom has also been reported to help with orthostatic hypotension.

Also, Butcher's Broom contains essential oils, antioxidants and glycosides which can provide more medicinal benefit to human health. Traditionally, this herb has been popularly used as a laxative and diuretic, aside from being a vein strengthener agent. In modern times, new studies have revealed that Butcher's Broom can also be used as an anti – inflammatory agent primarily to prevent atherosclerosis. Initial results on some studies also show that this promising herb has a cytotoxic property which can help in controlling abnormal growths or malignancies.

This herb is widely available in the form of extracts, powder, capsules and poultice. It is considered to be safe for use but caution must also be observed. Despite its safety and effectiveness, health experts still suggest that before starting the use of this herb, it is important that you should consult your doctor first so that if there are special considerations in relation to your health, it will be determined. Untoward effects and interactions with other drugs you are taking will also be prevented if a thorough health assessment has been done. Recommended dosage is 7 – 11 milligrams of Butcher's Broom extract for chronic venous insufficiency.

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