What Is the Meaning Of Chelated In Minerals?

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Date: October 11, 2011 12:48 PM
Subject: What Is the Meaning Of Chelated In Minerals ?

What Is Chelated?

Despite the fact that minerals are considered invisible ingredients, it is for certain that these substances play a crucial role in almost all of the processes within the cells of the body. Aside from the capacity of minerals to enable enzymes for vital chemical reactions, it also aides in enhancing growth and promoting brain functions.

Because of the fact that the body could not produce minerals, we have to obtain minerals from the foods that we take. However, one big problem nowadays is that the soil where most of edible plant grows no longer contains essential minerals as before. With this, mineral supplements are becoming very important.

Minerals that are chemically combined by amino acids to form complexes are called chelated minerals. In this very modern and advanced world that we live in today, we can see a lot of products that contains chelated minerals such as chelated calcium, chelated chromium, and chelated boron. Among the chief and most essential functions of chelated minerals is its capability to support normal growth, improve and strengthen the immune system, stabilizing bipolar disorder, promotes the build-up of strong muscles and bones and to improve your general health condition.

Chelated minerals are now marketed world-wide in the form of dietary supplements that are noted to be more potent compared to ordinary mineral supplements that are already made available commercially. Chelated minerals are certainly more powerful and superior than any other minerals because they are more bio-available therefore these minerals could be used easily by the body.

How do chelated minerals work?

As we are all aware of, minerals are highly needed by the body for proper functioning. In order to maintain good health, we have to make sure that we are getting enough minerals daily because acquisition of the daily recommended allowances of the various essential minerals is very vital for our health and in keeping us away from dreadful illnesses and ailments. Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are not able to meet the daily recommended dosages of these vital minerals that our body needs from the foods that they eat hence, experts formulated supplements that will supply them with array of minerals that will augment their deficiency.

Many supplements are now in the form of compounds like calcium carbonate and magnesium citrate. And other minerals as what have been mentioned earlier in this article are in the form of chelated compounds. As the term implies, chelated means “firmly attached” therefore it would be difficult for the two minerals to be separated and dissociated from each other even if it is already taken. Based on the studies that were conducted, it has been discovered that chelated minerals works better than any other forms of minerals.

Since we are all aware that it is very important to employ measures that will help us attain optimum level of wellness, we should exhaust all our might in engaging the various measures identified that will help us achieve a healthier body. When it comes to our health, one false move would equate to a very big problem therefore, it would be wise enough if we will make it a habit to take chelated mineral supplements so that we are always assured of the protection we need every day. Mineral supplements will coat us from the fierce of detrimental pathogens and bacteria because the supplement’s capability to strengthen our immune system is unquestionable. Live life in a healthy way because it is through good health that we will enjoy life to the fullest.

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