What Are The Symptoms Of Food Sensitivity?

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Date: October 12, 2011 12:12 PM
Subject: What Are The Symptoms Of Food Sensitivity?

Food Sensitivity Overview

Food sensitivities are some of the conditions that are not easy to pin point because of its broad possibilities and definitions. Even with classification or determining certain variety or how many are there. It is just difficult to put it in a box unlike most conditions that the source could be traced and we can easily classify it. Experts believe that it is because of the very wide range of factors that come into play when trying to diagnose food sensitivity or food intolerance.

What is Food Sensitivity?

Simple really, food sensitivity is an adverse reaction of the body to some sort of food or whatever composes that specific food when it is consumed and often times it is not the food itself but rather a specific ingredient. However most of the time, it needs a large amount to trigger the reactions. It is important to note though that this is not the same as food allergies and the biggest difference is that in this case the immune system is not activated unlike with food allergies. It is also not food poisoning because it is not caused by toxic or poisonous substances which would have garnered the same reaction no matter who ingested it and no matter what kind of food the poison is in. Okay so maybe I was exaggerating a little when I said it was simple but anyhow, you might ask “why is this happening?”, if not caused by the immune system or poison, what causes it?

It is mainly caused by a lack of a certain digestive enzyme that would aid in the digestion of a certain substance from the food we take in. It all boils down to whatever enzyme deficiency a person might have, that is what dictates the specific sensitivity that the person will have and essentially also cause the symptoms. So in a way we can put it this way, food sensitivity essentially is caused by a digestive system response since it is more about the lack of enzyme in the stomach to digest certain foods substances.


One of the most common symptoms of food sensitivity is nausea, when food taken in is something that the body cannot digest then it most definitely will try to reject it and therefore cause you to feel nauseated and in more severe cases it will eventually lead to vomiting. And vomiting in itself as most experts would agree is a symptom by itself as well. Another symptom which I feel is the most obvious of all is stomach pain, I mean how can there be a problem in the stomach and no pain in that region occurs. Gas, cramps and bloating are also another set of symptoms and this is usually common in intolerance to lactose and in more severe cases can even lead to diarrhea. Heartburn can also be a symptom however more uncommon than the others since it usually is caused by other things more than food sensitivities just like headaches and nervousness.

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